Monday, June 1, 2009

tagliatelle with vegetable ribbons

tagliatelle with vegetable ribbons
from italy
serves 4

U need:
2 large courgettes ( zucchini)
2 large carrots
250 gr fresh egg tagliatelle or non wheat pasta ( u can use any kind of pasta, taste just as good ;)
4 tbsp garlich flavour oil
black peeper

For the garlic flavoured oil u can just put some garlic cloves in vegetable oil for some days. The oil will adopt some of the flavour. Of course its better 2 buy garlic flavoured oil, but i couldnt find it and this tip helped me a lot :)

Using a vegetable peeler, peel the zucchini and carrots into long, thin ribbons.
bring water 2 boil in a pan and add the ribbons. Cook the ribbons for 30 seconds. Drain and seta side.

2. cook the tagliatelle acording to the instructions on the packet.
drain and return to the pan. Add the vegetables ribbons, garlic flavoured oil and pepper and toss over a medium heat until the pasta and vegetables are flavoured through.
serve immediatly.

U can also cool it and serve it cold like a pasta salad. Its great 4 hot summer days, an intresting variant 4 pasta salad and less calories than the normal pasta salads :)
U can also use less oil if u wanna cut some calories.

1 Serving: 348kcal/1464kj
9.6 gr carbs
12.7gr fat

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