Sunday, April 5, 2009

Carrot Halva/ Halwa

Carrot Halva from Pakistan

U need:
120 gr Butter
1 kg Carrots ( rasped)
4 bars of Cinnamon
12 Cardamom capsules
8 Cloves
120 gr Pistachios
120 gr raisins
1500 m l milk
250 gr cane sugar ( or brown sugar)
8 tablespoons Rose water

Melt the butter in a big Casserole.
Add the rasped carrots,Cardamom capsules, cinnamon and cloves and let them get brown
under stirring ( 20 min).
Than add raisins and milk.
Now let it all cook for 1 hour ( without cover).
Take care, the bree should get solid at the end of the hour,because of that it easily
get burned. So u ahve to stay near it and stirr it a lot.
Now add the sugar and the rose water and let it cook another 10 min.
Finish, enjoy ur original pakistani dessert :)

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