Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hells Temptation

Hells Temptation ( chocolate cake)
dont know if its specific for any country but i got it from germany ;)

U need:
175 g dark Chocolate
250 g Butter
4 eggs
100 gr brown sugar
75 g white sugar
1 Teaspoons Butter vanilla flavoring
250 g Fluor
100 g chocolatepowder
2 Teaspoons Backingpowder
1 Teaspoons Sodium
1 pinch Salz
350 g Sour cream
250 g dark chocolate
50 g Butter
200 ml cream

1. Melt the 175 gr dark chocolate in waterbath.

2. Meanwhile grease a spring form of 26 cm in diameter,put it at a cold place.

3. Now stir the melted chocolate with 250 gr butter.
Put the mix aside and heat the oven on 200 degree celsious.

4. Mix the fluor, backingpowder, sodium and salt. Put it aside.

5. Now put the eggs ina bowl and add the brown sugar and the white sugar while stirring it.
Now add the chocolate-butter and mix it.

6. Add the fluor mix and the sour cream and stirr it all well.

7. Put the mix in the spring form and backe it in the oven for 35 - 40 min

8. After the backing let it cool in the spring form.

9. Meanwhile melt the left over chocolate (250 gr ) in waterbath. Gradually add the butter and
than the cream til its becomes a a uniform, smooth and nice shiny Cream. If its 2 soft let it cool 4 some min.

10. When the cake is cool down, get it out of the sprig form carefully.
Now cut the cake 1 time diagonally and fill it with some of the chocolate cream and put it back together.
Than rake the cake with the rest of the chocolate cream.

Best way 2 keep it is inthe fridge, but get it out before eating so it will be not 2 cold.

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